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Right Click Enhancer Professional 4

About this issue

OS: Windows Vista and later

Use: See the README file included

On the right-click Enhancer Professional

Sometimes your desktop littered with many labels.

Right-click the shortcut to the Creator appropriate tool Click Enhancer professionals can easily solve this problem by allowing you to add the most frequently used applications, folders and files context menu, simply right-click on Windows Explorer, and desktop environments.

It also allows you to add an option to right click menu to better manage shortcut.

So you can open while browsing files.

You can also add a command line for quick access.

There is no shortage in the performance of your PC, or right-click menu, no matter how many submenus and shortcuts you’ve added to the right-click menu.

Professional Edition Features

– Add submenu in the right click menu and change the labels to their submenus (Windows 7 and newer versions)

– Add shortcuts to applications, files and folders with right-click (Windows Vista and later)

– Delete or right-click the Disable unnecessary entries

– Add useful options in the right click menu to speed up everyday tasks such as copying, moving, renaming and more

– Add new file types to the new menu in the right click menu

– Add new folder shortcut in the Send To menu to quickly copy files

– Rename multiple files and faster with MP3 IDv3 tags, file properties and search and replace function Smart Renamer

– Add, edit and delete entries from the right-click menu in Internet Explorer

– Easy application association to the file type. Add, Edit and Delete entry right click context menu file type


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