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Internet Explorer 8 is the most popular browser from Microsoft. Almost everyone has used some variant of it, and you can be sure all websites will support it.

What is new is functionlity IE 8 will bring Internet Explorer 8, including two major new tools: accelerators (formerly known as action) and the other is Web Slices. The first one gives you direct access to various Internet services by simply right-click on any web page or selected text. For example, you can search for a word, mapping an address or look for words that are chosen. The main drawback is that all of these options use Microsoft’s Windows Live service, which means you’re stuck with Internet Explorer web nich.Odnośnie patch, they are a tool that tracks RSS style changes and updates to the site selected and I tell you about them. It comes in very handy for tracking small changes that can be used by RSS, without the need to visit the website: auction auction, the stock market, weather and więcej.Oprócz two tools, Internet Explorer 8 also includes many new features that are attractive. One of them, “suggested sites” recommend a new site can not understand based on your browsing history.

Return belt menuInterfejs Internet Explorer 8 has not changed that much compared to older versions, except for one small detail; Bar menu again and again appear by default. Moreover, everything is in place: the address bar once again on the interface, and Favorites are accessible through drop-down menu.

Privacy bezpieczeństwaInternet Explorer 8 includes InPrivate Browsing, Internet Explorer version of the popular Chrome Incognito regime. While InPrivate Browsing is enabled, the browser will not store data, including cookies, history and temporary Internet files. For security, Internet Explorer 8 includes the so-called SmartScreen Filter, which prevents you from entering fraudulent websites and protect users from online phishing scams.

WerdyktInternet Explorer 8 is really a big step forward, and it appears that Microsoft is working hard to ensure a more secure, compliant and customize the browser.

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